Dividing Military Benefits

Divorce typically involves dividing marital assets.  In a military divorce, those assets frequently include the service member spouse’s military benefits, such as the right to military retirement pay, healthcare for the children, and even the value of the member spouse’s leave days accrued during the marriage.  With the parties' consent, it may also include education benefits under the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

The rules and statutes governing these various benefits involve complex questions of state and federal law.  You should make sure that your lawyer has experience in military divorces, like the Law Offices of Scott P. Davis, P.A.

Each party’s claim to military benefits is extremely important in a divorce. You deserve an attorney who understands military benefits, each party’s rights, and how benefits can be used to settle a case.
— Scott P. Davis

We can help you make sense of your legal rights in a military divorce.

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