Military Divorce Mediation

Military service members and their spouses face many unique issues in mediation.  The process is far more efficient if the mediator understands these issues and has experience in military divorce. 

Many times, the parties to a military divorce can benefit if they have attorneys and a mediator experienced in military divorce issues, such as the structure of military pay, allowances, benefits, tax issues in a military divorce, special laws regarding time-sharing and custody for military service members, and division of military retirement pay. 

The right mediator can make all the difference in a military divorce case. Mediate your case with someone who understands the issues and respects both sides.
— Scott P. Davis

In almost every mediation, the parties and their counsel need to get the mediator "up to speed" on the issues in the case.  A military divorce frequently presents more issues than a regular divorce.  So, you need to use your mediation time efficiently.  A mediator can better facilitate the negotiation if he or she is already familiar with the unique laws and issues that military families face.  And, you may be more likely to reach an agreement if your mediator is better able to grasp the issues and help facilitate the negotiation.  

Additionally, a mediator who is experienced in military divorce may be able to suggest creative solutions or alternatives to help military servicemembers and their spouses resolve their conflicts.  An experienced military divorce mediator can also help the parties create a parenting plan that takes into account issues such as deployment, relocation, and a change of duty station.

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